But first, a manifesto...


In redefining how we express ourselves, we are constantly refusing comparison and singularity. This is especially important online and it directly influences the ways that we communicate with each other on social media. Rather than reacting against or being anti-something, resistance goes deeper like an inner way of being. It speaks up for our identity and disrupts how we think other people see us.

This is what it means to resist the literal label.

Curiosity, complexity, and creative expression are the foundation of our community. We value the importance of originality and trusting our own voice. As surveyors of a hypertext world, we synthesize new ideas from all of the signs that we encounter. Whether those things are textual, visual, audible or imagination as information, we're constantly working to unhinge their multiplicity of meaning.


Who we are


Literal Label, Inc. is a community dedicated to redefining how we express ourselves. To support our education initiatives, magazine and brand originals, Literal Label serves corporate clients across the globe in their marketing communications and brand development, having opened up new online revenue streams for nationally known TED speakers, retail brands sold by Whole Foods, and co-creating education content for Fortune 500 companies including LinkedIn and Nissan.

Keep your brand fresh

Content and social media that actually does something

Founded in 2014 by Salem Roberts, Literal Label went global in its first year contextualizing the brand of a Swiss biotechnology startup, which then raised over $320k in capital. In 2017, Literal Label also became an independent publisher of art and business books with distribution through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Past projects have been featured in Vice, Tenmag, Fubiz and shared by constituents at InStyle, Disney, MTV, and more.