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Original Artwork Information
Artist: Simon Glücklich
Year: c.1880-1890
Type: Oil on canvas laid on canvas
Dimensions: 77.5 x 92.5 cm. (30.5 x 36.4 in.)

"He undertook in his life two formative study trips to him after 1890 to northern Italy and in 1920 to the Baltic led. By 1917, Simon was happy in Vienna resident (not as often since 1890 asserts in Munich). Thereafter he remained sedentary until his death in Munich. Initially genre painting devoting he worked later with the depiction of mythological scenes and landscape and still life painting . Standing his works around the turn of the century often a then prevailing cheerful stylized conception of nature Jugendstil close, represent at the people and landscape a happy unit of time develops happy over becoming an outstanding painter of corporate, act - and portraiture , especially of nobility and the upper middle class."

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