This 2 Year Old Is Using Mr. Potato Head To Make Brilliant Contemporary Art Sculptures


This is Jack. Just like most 2 years olds, he enjoys playing with his Mr. Potato Head. But the difference here is that Jack uses his to make contemporary art sculptures.

And they’re so good.


“In an era where there are so many experiences available for kids on screens, we have tried hard to make experiences with Jack physical and creative,” says his mom Katie. 


“Even before Jack was one we’ve been drawing, building objects, and trying to bring creativity into his life,” says his dad Lucas.


“Once he really got going Lucas and I started talking about how great each creation was,” she adds. “I started taking pictures and sharing them with Lucas. An Instagram seemed to be the natural progression.”


“Keeping in mind he’s just 2 years old, his process is mostly intuitive,” says Katie. “Though he does explain the pieces he’s picking up before he attaches them. He identifies those parts on our faces, as well.”


“Once he finishes a potato he says ‘Picture’ and takes them to the spot where I photograph his sculpture,” she continues. “He also asks to take a picture on his own, so in the future we’re hoping to get him involved in the photography part as well.”


“Then we upload the images, no editing, no filter, just the raw potato experience.”


"As far as shaping his creativity… He really enjoys it,” she adds. “He hasn’t repeated a potato yet, and his set isn’t that big, so I think that says something about his problem-solving skills."


“At the end of the day this is about having fun with our son,” agree Katie and Lucas. “We want others to enjoy how great we think he is.”