Kelly Lepley Meets Caitlyn Jenner After Launching Her Personal Brand Online

Airline pilot Kelly Lepley is a fearless woman with a story of courage and strength, who just happens to be transgender. 

Her TED Talk, "Why being your true self is the most selfless act" has now been viewed over 41,000+ times. By establishing an aligned brand platform before the talk was published, her positioning is more than press ready as she continues her work in advocacy.

Watch her TED Talk below.


Check out screenshots of her new Squarespace site below.


1. The entire brand is based around this image


2. Building her platform is the primary focus here


3. Embedding the video increases duration of website visits


4. Kelly took this picture herself, we color corrected it


5. Social media feed curated for added engagement


*BONUS: Facebook page created and ads sold to boost following and inspire confidence in her brand platform