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Summary: Brand Alignment, Data Analytics, Customer Experience, User Experience, Content Strategy, Video Art Direction, Digital Marketing & Advertising

The current user onboarding process, brand messaging, video content and inbound marketing strategy for Waffle was created in collaboration with Literal Label.

Since 2014 we've opened new video marketing channels, content marketing and Pay-Per-Click advertisement campaigns.

Website Traffic has increased 83.85% over the previous year with a 120.28% increase in New Visitors, 43.50% increase in Returning Visitors and 736.74% average increase in Social Traffic.

PPC campaigns have averaged just under a 20% conversion rate. 

When we first met with Wesley Belden, CEO of Waffle, it was a young startup about to launch out from Nashville's Entrepreneur Center. We were brought on to assist with landing page content for their launch in April 2014. This lead into a much longer collaboration. 

From the first touch to the followup, we've worked together with Waffle to ensure consistent messaging across all marketing channels as well as a uniform customer experience. 

Marketing messaging has become a natural output of alignment between the brand core and the customer experience. This means that it feels the same, tonally and emotionally the first time a visitor lands on the company website, all the way through the user onboarding process and followup emails and support.

This has taken the form of analytic optimization, operational standards, branding guidelines, creative direction, content strategy and tactical execution. Using UX theory in conjunction with relational aesthetics, we worked together with Waffle to map and design the complete customer experience.

As the company has evolved, so has the content. That's how important messaging has been to Waffle. We've gone through multiple iterations, honing that first touch. As of Q1 2016 the current landing page video was shot, edited and produced by Make it Pop, written by Literal Label.

I originally brought Literal Label on to help me with some landing page content. After one meeting they completely understood the subtle nuances of my company and were able to distill them down into some very concise, beautiful and easy to comprehend copy. Since then I have worked with Literal Label on content for everything from explainer videos, to emails, and even some video editing.
— Wesley Belden, CEO