Need Help Planning Your Social Media?

Planning your social media for an entire week may sound daunting, let alone a week, month, quarter or a year. Luckily, the internet is full of various tools to help you plan your social media better. The following are some social media strategy templates that will help you in your planning, development and execution of your social media strategy. 

Create a Social Media Strategy

This is step one. Before you do anything you should have a social media strategy in place that guides your goals and your posts throughout the planning period. has an incredible tools as well as a three step process they guide you through in planning out your social media.

The first thing they suggest is to choose your social media networks. Where your customers spend most of their time online is probably the place you want to start and build a following from. Next the say to figure our what it is that you’re best at and do that. Finally, they suggest that you make a social media plan and for that they offer a handy social media strategy template that you can download for free, available here:

Save Time and Maximize Efficiency

This is step two. Bufferapp has a list of fifteen tools and templates that they offer to help brands and individuals maximize their social media reach and resonance. These templates have everything from a social media audit to social media reports to content development templates and scheduling best practices and formulas for content creation.

The most helpful we’ve found is the 15min social media audit which takes a look across the various channels and platforms being used, keeping track of follower counts, engagement and conversion rates as well as brand output and posting times. If you’re looking for a tool that will help keep you accountable and on track with your social media strategy, so that you can optimize for efficiency, this is it and it’s free:

Planning and scheduling your social media might seem challenging, but given the right tools it can be a well oiled machine that brings in an increase in leads and customer testimonials.