Using Social Media to Tell Your Brand Story

There are a lot of ways for brands to use social media. Some brands primarily use social media to update their followers about upcoming events, deals and specials that their business is running. Some brands use social media to try and generate leads for sales by providing loss-leader content (such as infographics, webinars and ebooks) hoping that they’ll convert these cold contacts into customers.

Our favorite brands are those that use social media to tell their brand story. Those industry leaders that are intentional about dedicating not just their time and resources to creating great content to share and distribute online, but those brands that aim to cut through the social media noise to provide their customers with relevant content.

Telling your brand story through social media can take various forms. The essence of each expression of brand storytelling is the emphasis on what the customer would find interesting or compelling to encounter. Typically, we see brands using social media to tell their brand story in three key ways: events, testimonials and content.


These are typically conferences that brands are affiliated with, attending or sponsoring in some capacity. Telling the brand story looks like sharing the interactions and archiving the takeaways from speakers, attendees and brand commentary on both. Waffle allows brands to archive these interactions and present them in a way that preserves their narrative integrity. 


There’s no better way to communicate your brand value than through third party, dedicated customers that love and champion what you do. Waffle allows brands to showcase these customer testimonials on their website and product pages so that prospective customers can view and interact with these takeaways in a place that makes the most sense. 


Custom branded content that looks to do more than add to the noise, engaging customers where they are in a way that’s unique and meaningful deserves to be preserved and showcased. Waffle allows brands to get more life from their content by showcasing it on their website where customers can interact with it and share it as well. 

There are many ways to tell your brand story, by outsourcing your social media you can tell it in a way that’s both enticing and original for your customers and sets you apart from your competition.